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August 31, 2005

yeah right

Hi, my name is Rae and I am a junior professional writing major. I'm the very last one to finally get logged in so forgive me if this is short! I have another blog on xanga that is somewhat less. um, scholarly. I mostly use that one for goofing around and leaving messages for friends - kind of a glorified version of aim that takes longer.

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...I like long walks on the beach...

So my favorite part about this assignment is that the rather large screen in the wall is showing everything that I type AS I type. Maybe I'm getting a little performer's anxiety... hmm If only I had something funny to say. I'm also noticing that the guy next to me is laughing as he types. Clearly he has something funny and a lot more interesting to say.
So in any case I'm a senior double major in Psychology and Professional Writing and yes, I'll even graduate on time (even though that means taking 22 credits a semester...). I plan to get my masters in school psychology and write about all my work on the side. And by all my work I mean write about kids with disabilities etc... I worked at a camp for children with social/emotional/learning disorders this summer and I am writing about those kids currently.
I live on campus as an RA on a boys' floor. I love taco bell. I like long walks on the beach. No, wait, that probably wasn't the direction this post was supposed to go...
What else about myself? I had a fish named Hollie. She (who was really a he but I changed him to a her since fish only have 3 second memories and I wanted a girl fish) died while I was at camp and now I can no longer tell fish stories. But no worries I will soon come up with funny stories. Until then, I'm signing out.

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About Me

A little about me!

My name is Ashley Lauro, and I am senior majoring in Professional Writing at Cortland. I'm originally from Indiana, but two years ago I married my husband who had then just been accepted to law school in Syracuse, New York, so after we married we moved to Syracuse. We both graduate this May and plan to return to Virginia where he has gotten a job offer and where I am applying to Grad Schools. Hopefully I'll have enough schooling to become a college English teacher someday!

Generally I liked to run, read, write, and shop. I love to run anywhere whenever I have free time. Running is my emotional outlet. I like to read mostly grammar books, the Bible, and newspapers...sounds dorky huh?
Writing and shopping speak for themselves...they're just fun!

That's me in a nutshell.

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First Post

My name is Patrick Berlinquette and this is my sixth day at Cortland University. Alot has changed in the past week.

My hometown seemed to paint me into a corner. I was surrounded by bad news kids and situations that seemed to bring me down. The summer was overflowing with drugs and decadence and it's a tremendous relief to be away from it all. Away from the overindulgence and hangovers and guilty mornings. Now I'm in college and I'm still covered in tattoos. I still drink and smoke and get carried away but it's no longer a negative indulgence, its a positive experience with people who share the same ideas and values as I do. Im not going 80 miles an hour in the wrong lane anymore. I made a sharp turn off of that dead end street onto a superhighway of hope and promise.

Im working hard to keep my grades high and spirits strong. There is something in the air, here. At night you can feel the buzz in the breeze. Everyone has such a friendly and positive vibe to them. Finally when someone shakes my hand its because they really are glad to meet me or see me.

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Heather Cobb

Hey, hi, hello. I'm a 19 year-old PWR major. I've been in college for 3 years - well, this is my third year (5th semester) - and I hope to graduate in Spring 2007. After that I want to go to grad school in Buffalo (I can go anywhere on earth and I choose Buffalo - I never said I was smart) to become a librarian. That'll take a few semesters but once I graduate I can work in a library while I write.

I actually work in a library during breaks - this past summer was my third summer. I love books and reading, but I don't necessarily like the dust that accompanies the older ones. It makes me sneeze and I hate to sneeze. Who does? The only thing they're good for is hurting nasal cavities. I also like to pretend I'm smart and know alot about everything but in the end it comes down to me just feeling awkward and spewing anything that comes to mind out of my mouth, hoping it makes sense. I didn't even know what to write for this, I sat here for several minutes before I even started writing, not knowing what to say. I hate talking about myself because I feel like I'm coming off as an arrogant *insert bad word(s) here*.

As a side note, I have a blue Betta named Juntao. He's scared of everything.

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"It's all about me- deal with it"- from the happy bunny

Helllloooo everyone- I'm psyched to be here; it's my senior year, I'm turning 21 on September 2nd and things really seem to be going my way this year. I've been in love with writing since I was a kid and now I am currenly the editor-in-chief for the Dragon chronicle. I'm a journalism major with a professional writing minor and I signed up for this class because I think it's important to understand how to work the Internet since it's something everyone uses daily.
My hometown is Goshen, which is a small town in Orange County. I have an older brother who will be turning 23 and a younger brother who just turned 15. I enjoy the color blue and purple, dance as much as I can on my free time and participate on the hip-hop dance team for our school called Danceworks, and I am an enormous Stephen King fan. Currenly, I'm trying to finish reading his Dark Tower series (I'm on book five), as well as Gerald's Game.
My favorite movies, I'm sorry to say, are anything that involves love. I'm a complete sap and am dedicated to finding my "happily ever after." I've watched The Notebook too many times to count and I also love Moulin Rouge, Love and Sex, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, and Dirty Dancing. I also enjoy a good horror movie or comedy- I went to see Wedding Crashers five times this summer and just saw 40 year old Virgin, which was hysterical (I'm a big Anchorman Fan), and I can't wait for the new Amityville Horror to come out on DVD because it scared me horribly.
On days that I don't feel like getting out of bed, I usually just throw on a pair of sweats and a matching bandana- this is usually the tell-tale sign that I'm probably not in the greatest of moods because I'm tired (Aaron HATES these days).
When you ask me what type of music I like, I would respond with everything, and when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING from Britney Spears to Queen to Journey to Powerman 5000 to Salive to Fall Out Boy (which is in my car right now) to The Killers to Janet Jackson. I love anything that gets me going.
South Park, Drawn together, Nip/Tuck and Six Feet Under are some of my favorite shows, but, like I said, I'm busy most of the time so I need to hook myself up with TVO.
Overall, I'm a very friendly person- everyone who knows me can agree that I am the easiest person to start a conversation with. I can talk about anything with anyone and like to ask questions and find out how a person ticks (it hardly ever leaves me with an awkward silence, which is a pet peeve of mine.) My favorite beer is a bud light, my favorite mix is a Sex on the Beach, and I enjoy cuddling with my sweetheart when I come home after one of my incredibly long days.

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"There's nothing worse than being ordinary"-American Beauty

I'm Aaron, and I'm not an ordinary student. I returned to school after a long absence and major in Communications (journalism) minoring in professional writing. This is (hopefully) my final year here at Cortland. I commute from Binghamton everyday, and with the way gas is going I'm going to have to become a drug czar in order to afford it. Hey, that's America!! I work at WBNG-TV in Binghamton and want a career in television. Over the years I have become hardened and bitter, which is perfect for televison, because most of the people in that business lack souls. I look forward to learning how to combine my use of computers with my passion for news, which is why I've chosen to take this course.
My favorite movies: Happiness, American Beauty and Garden State.
Music: Anything except country! Some of my CD's that won't leave my stereo: Maxwell: Urban Hang Suite, Garden State Soundtrack, Coldplay, 50 first dates Soundtrack and any volume of Reggae Gold.
Books: Running with Scissors by Augusten Burrows

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My name is BriAnne Gordon and i am a Senior here at Cortland State. I live in a small town called Fabius. As far as my computer skills go i'm at the short end of the stick. until yesterday i had never heard the word with that said we'll see if this works.

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Steve Lennon: The real story

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About Me

My name's Whitney.
I'm from Pompey, outside of Syracuse.
I'm 19, 5'2", red headed or strawberry blonde or orange, whichever your want.
I'm pretty shy and you'll probably never hear me speak much, but I do exsist.
I have friends too, just not on campus. I'm working on that.

I'm a transfer student.
This is my third college in three semesters.
My first semester I was in Mansfield University in Pennslyvania.
I left because everyone went home after class to drink or make crystal meth; apparently Bradford county is crystal central but MU is a dry campus.
Go figure.

After that I tried to get into Ithaca but they wanted 11k a semester. So I went to OCC instead.
I took 12 credits of night classes and worked 35-42 hours a week in a pizza shop, living with a friend in her apartment. That seemed to work out pretty well because I made Dean's List.
Except for the lack of sleep and no social life to speak of part, that is.

Now I'm here at Cortland, my third college and third major, this time I'm in Professional Writing.
I'd like to edit novels for a publishing company, and maybe do some of my own freelance writing. Whatever floats my boat.
The End.

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Tedd's first Blog entry

Hi, my name is Tedd. Computers scare me. I'm not sure why exactly...mayhap it has something to do with the fact that they make communication a sterile and joyless enterprize, at least in my eyes. But hey...that is just one person's opinion.

As one would assume, my fear of computers causes certain debilitating ends within my life. Being that many of our PWR classes use WEBCT or other forms of electronic communication in order to convey a person's ideas on a more widespread means I have had to begin to adapt to the changes that modern technology have thrown at me. God! This makes me sound like some old classisist fogie, like my father. But...mayhap I am. After all, I still refer to the internet as a 'fad', like cellphones.

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Hi, I'm Lenny. I don't have a favorite color but I do have a favorite beverage; that beverage is Mountain Dew. I drink about a case a day. It's really starting to become a problem. I grew up in New York City and Long Island and plan to live there for pretty much the rest of my life. I am a communication studis major with a concentration in media production and a minor in professional writing. I am currently trying to figure out what to do in May because I will most likely be unemployed.

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I am...

I am a Professional Writing major from Rochester, NY. Technically, I should've graduated last semester, but I've changed my major a number of times, therefore I am now a junior. Formerly a Psych major, after a while I decided I simply dont want to know any more about how the minds of others work...I get enough of that firsthand in my day to day experiences. Embarassing bit of info: I was in Marching band in High school. Although, I didnt play an instrument, I was in Colorguard so I think that saves me to some extent. I have had every part time job in the book unless it were a raunchy one. I am a Leo, born August 2nd 1983 and am self-proclaiming that I am stubborn yet flexible, outgoing yet reserved, wise yet too trusting, independent yet reliant, and a social butterfly yet awkward.

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Kevin Bahler's mini bio.


I am a freshman this year here at Cortland. I went to high school outside of Buffalo (a little place called Williamsville) and before that, I was born and raised in south Florida (a biag place called Ft. Lauderdale).

I'm actually not too big on sports (blasphemy to say on campus I think), but there are definitely a few activities I enjoy. The primary one is martial arts. I've been taking martial arts since I was 9 (aikido for those who care) and hav fallen deeper in love with them as time goes on. I am rlly wanting to branch out and get some other martial arts started, but have not had much pportunity as of yet. I also do enjoy cycling. Part of it is a family thing, as both of my parents used to do it all the time and really love it, but I also enjoy it because it is good cardio exercise and is esier on the knees than running (I've seen too many people blow out their knees to risk losing mine any time soon).

I've been playing trumpet since I was 7, but it's always been a love/hate kind of thing. I enjoy playing it and have loved a couple of directors I've had, but the dedication needed for music is just something I don't have. That's why I'm in the PWR major. Writing is something I have a talent for, enjoy doing, and am willing to put in the work needed to get better a it (the same goes for martial arts, sans the talent).

As far as writing goes, I pretty much like all kinds, though some get more tedious than others. I love to do short stories, as I have control of the situations and can really flex muscles of creativity. I also like to do poetry when I'm in the mood just for the abstraction and simplicity. I'm really obsessive about spelling and grammar, but ever since making my laptop my primary computer, I definitely understand how easy it is to make typos (damn tiny keys and keyboard). Hopefully I will catch all of mine before I post. Please feel free to point out any corrections I miss.

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A lil bit about myself

Hi, I'm Paul. This summer I landed a job working for a videogame developer, Vicarious Visions. It was quite an experience. I worked on a new Nintendo DS game based on Spider-Man. Originally they hired me as a game tester, but I was given oportunities to actually contribute to the design of the game. I wrote the instruction manual (actually a lot cooler than it sounds), created in-game scenarios, came up with mission titles, and names for specific moves. Being given such an oppurtunity without any previous experience was incredible. I came to Cortland hoping to build a repetoire of skills useful in a few different fields. So far I haven't been disappointed.

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Me, Myself, and Etc.

About Myself.

My name is Morgan Dunn. I play guitar and listen to music. Music sure is swell! I listen to Tool, Aphex Twin, Bach, Radiohead, Beck, etc.

I also write. Writing makes my hands tired. To combat this, I have robot hands.

I write philosophy. I like making absurd philisophical claims, sometimes involving just how robotic my hands really are.

If you want to read any of my writing, just ask. Or don't. Either way, respond with thoughts. It's easy and fun!

I also like fun. Fun things i like to do include:



Watching Films

Writing Poems


There once was a man
Who lived in a van
and kicked a can
and ruined otherwise rhyming poems.

Well, that's me. Morgan Dunn. Goodbye. I'm afraid this is the end.

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The Name's Brenden

Hello all. My name is Brenden Hendrickson and I am a sophomore this year. I'm a professional writing major and so that explains why I am here. I come from a very small town where blogging is some people's life, yet this post will be my first blog entry anywhere. A little bit about me... I really enjoy reading, writing, and music. I love being around friends and enjoying my youth while I still have it. I like to get outside and stay active and enjoy the warm weather before that's gone too. When it comes to being outside, nothing beats the beach in my eyes. I do miss the summer, but it's great to be back at Cortland.

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Wednesday -- first class.

It seems that creating a blog -- short for web log -- is not all that difficult. We'll see. I'm a non-traditional student here at sunny Cortland.
This is an addition merely to check the add on ability.

This is a test of the extrended entry. Did it work?

This is another sentence for the extended entry block

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Starting to think about the web, blogging, and culture

How has the Internet shaped our experience (i.e. yours personally, but others broadly in America and around the world) of the events of Hurricane Katrina? Do some searching and find some blogs that have addressed the issue (HINT: you might starting by googling hurricane and blog). How would you characterize the information you can find on blogs in comparison to that on major news websites or on television?

Then give some thought to other ongoing events affecting us (e.g. the war in Iraq, terrorism, but also lighter fare like sports and entertainment): how does the web shape our experience of these broad cultural concerns/interests?

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In today's class...

The blog is finally back up this morning and I've been racing to get it set up for class. I've loaded all your names in so that you can log in, and I've been putting some finishing touches on the layout.

So here is what we will be up to this morning:

1. Getting you into this blog and getting your first post.
2. Setting up your web space on the Cortland server.
3. Setting up your Blogger account and getting you started on that.
4. Introducing you to and flickr (two other popular web applications)
5. Introducing you to the concepts of RSS (or Feeds) and Podcasting
6. Getting started on learning Dreamweaver.

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August 10, 2005

course schedule

The schedule lists assignments for the lab days. I expect that you will have reviewed the material prior to coming to class. You can’t just read the material for the lab; you will need to work through the lessons on a computer. The library Mac lab has extensive open hours and all the software you will require. In addition, you can work on Tuesdays and Thursdays during classtime in our classroom. The schedule also lists weekly readings for the online portion of the course. Please read the material and be prepared to discuss it during the week. This list may be amended during the semester. In addition, you are expected to keep up with the news listed in the news aggregator on the course website.

8:31 Introduction to Dreamweaver

9:7 Read McFarland: Introduction, Chapters 1-3
WEEKLY READINGS: Lessig, Introduction and chapters 1-5

9:14 Read McFarland: Chapters 4-5
WEEKLY READINGS: Lessig, Chapters 6-10

9:21 Read McFarland: Chapters 6, 8, & 9; NeoVox article #1 due
WEEKLY READINGS: Lessig, finish book

9:28 Read McFarland: Chapters 14-16 & 18
WEEKLY READINGS: Mark Dery (on reserve)

10:5 Read Meyer: Introduction and Project One; Personal Homepage due
WEEKLY READINGS: Katherine Hayles (on reserve)

10:12 Read Meyer: Projects Two and Three; Revised NeoVox article #1 due
WEEKLY READINGS: Lev Manovich (on reserve)

10:18 Mid-semester Break Class Cancelled
10:19 Read Meyer: Project Four
WEEKLY READINGS: Michael Heim (on reserve)

10:26 Read Meyer: Projects Five and Six; NeoVox article #2 due
WEEKLY READINGS: Howard Rheingold (on reserve)

11:2 Read Meyer: Project Seven
WEEKLY READINGS: Paul Miller (on reserve)

11:9 Read Meyer: Project Eight
WEEKLY READINGS: Michel de Certeau (on reserve)

11:16 Read Meyer: Project Nine; Revised NeoVox article #2 due

11:23 Thanksgiving Class Cancelled

11:30 Read Meyer: Project 10

12:7 Final Lab Day

12:13 Last Day of Class; Professional Portfolio Due

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Course Syllabus


Course Information

Credit Hours: 4
Semester/Year: Fall 2005
Meeting Time: TR 1:15-2:30
Lab: W 10:20-12:20
Room: OM G-17

Professor Information

Prof. Alex Reid
Office: Old Main 115A
Phone: 753-2069
Office Hours: TR 12:00-1:00
E mail: reida at

Required Texts

David McFarland : Dreamweaver MX 2004: The Missing Manual O'Reilly
Eric Meyer : More Eric Meyer on CSS New Riders Press

Available free online: Lawrence Lessig : Free Culture
Other readings may be made available online and on reserve.

Course Catalog Description
Introduction to the relationship between traditional conceptions of writing and contemporary theories of new media. Three lecture hours and a two hour lab. Prerequisite: CPN 101 or 103. (4 cr. hrs.)

Writing Intensive Course
As a writing intensive course, you will be required to write a minimum of 15 pages (or equivalent) of graded work. There will be opportunities for you to revise this work.

Additional Course Description
Writing has always been both a threat and a foundation of civilization. Writing allows us to organize complex, abstrat thoughts and share them with others across time and space. At the same time, writing predates history , science, and philosophy--obviously, since it was necessary to invent writing before inventing these forms of knowledge. As philosophers have observed, this fact places writing outside of the bounds of civilization. Technological developments such as better paper and binding, printing techniques, and later the typewriter have all expanded the effects of writing on society.
Today, of course, we deal not only with writing, but with a range of recorded media: sound, image, video. We not only exchange massive volumes of printed work but communicate via electronic, often wireless, networks.

This class examines the technology and practice of writing. This examination includes learning the basics of contemporary web design (html, css), as well as the latest web applications (blogging, rss, podcasting). Understanding these technical matters is important to understanding new media rhetoric, just as our implicit, often unexamined, understanding of the limits and functionality of print informs our practice of print rhetoric (writing linear prose). The course will also include an introduction into the topics surrounding rhetoric and composition: how do communities form online (in the blogosphere for example) across cultural differences? how do we balance the demands of commerce and security with the possibilities of creativity and privacy?

Course Goals
• To learn basic web design, including:
o An introduction to Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 (web design software)
o An introduction to Adobe Photoshop CS (image editing software)
o An introduction to XHTML (eXtensible Hypertext Mark-up Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
o An understanding of networks, file transfer, and file management
• To learn to write for the web, including:
o Writing for web audiences
o Writing in a non-linear, user-directed environment
o Writing on blogs
o Conducting web-based research
• To investigate cultural issues surrounding web-based technologies, including:
o Copyright and fair use
o Ubiquitous computing and privacy
o Internet as a global, democratic commons versus the internet as a private, commercial enterprise
o Implications of the internet for the production and distribution of cultural knowledge

Organization of Course

This course will be organized as a hybrid of an online and a traditional course. On Wednesdays, we will meet and have our lab time. During our labs, you will learn various elements of the technical side of web design. Doing this together in a common physical location is advantageous as you will all be doing similar work and will benefit from my being present to see what you are doing.

Our Tuesday and Thursday regular meeting times will function as extended office hours. That means that your attendance is not required. However, I will be available during this time to work with you on your projects. I will also use this time to schedule individual meetings to discuss your writing assignments.

In lieu of meeting during our class times, you will participate actively on our course blog. You will be expected to post three times each week on the various topics we are discussing. If you wish, you can come to class during the regularly scheduled time and use it to read other people’s messages and respond in kind. Or write at some other time that is convenient for you.

NeoVox is a web-based magazine produced by students at Cortland in collaboration with students at several universities around the world. The magazine addresses current events, college culture, and a monthly theme, as well as publishing fiction, poetry, and visual art. NeoVox provides an excellent opportunity for Cortland students to learn about new media, to develop a professional portfolio of published writing, to work with other students around the world, and to visit our international partners through our Study Abroad programs.

Through this course, you will be participating in NeoVox. You will be introduced to the magazine’s publishing practices, research and write articles, work with editors and designers, and finally see your work published. Of course, you will also be reading the magazine.


Online discussion 30%
Personal Homepage 10%
Personal Blog 10%
Professional Portfolio 20%
NeoVox Articles 30% (15% each)

Online Discussion

As noted above, the online discussion is a substitute for regular class meetings. On our course website, I have noted several blogs that I would like you to read regularly. I will also assign various readings over the course of the semester. I expect you to respond to these and to one another in your blog posts. We will meet during the semester so that you can receive feedback from me on your performance on this portion of the course.

Personal Homepage

This will be our first web design assignment. As a personal homepage, you will be free to determine the content of your page. You will be evaluated on your use of web design principles and practices.

Personal Blog

You will establish a free blog at and you will post to it three times a week. As a personal blog you are free to write about anything you wish. The posts do not need to be long. However, if all your posts are only two or three sentences, I will wonder if you are keeping to the spirit of the assignment. The purpose of this assignment is for you to gain some experience with the basic challenges of writing for the web. Essentially, if you meet the expectation of writing on a regular basis, you will receive full credit.

Professional Portfolio

This will be your second web design assignment. The purpose of the portfolio assignment is for you to create a professional identity and presence online. You will be evaluated in your ability to this, as well as your use of web design principles and practices.

NeoVox Articles

You will write two articles for NeoVox. Each of these articles will 1200-1500 words in length. The purpose of this assignment is for you to gain experience writing for the web and for a web-based audience. You will work with NeoVox editors and designers in the publication of your article.
1. Late paper policy:
a. You must inform me prior to the due date of a given assignment (e.g. during the class before, in my office hours, leaving a message on my phone or email) that your assignment will be late. At that time, you will give me a revised due date, which will be FINAL. I will not accept your assignment after this revised due date and you will receive a zero on that portion of your grade. Generally I will give you an extra week without question.
b. Assignments handed in late without prior warning will be reduced in grade according to the following formula. Assignments handed in within one week of the original due date will be reduced one full letters. Assignments handed in within two weeks of the original due date will be reduced two letters. Late assignments will not be accepted more than two weeks past the due date and will receive zeros.

2. Attendance Policy

The college attendance policy in the College Handbook states “Penalties for excessive absences … shall not exceed one-third of a letter grade per class hour of absence” (53). You may miss one meeting without penalty.

3. Academic Dishonesty

Plagiarism, the act of claiming another’s writing as your own, is a serious form of academic dishonesty. Students found guilty of plagiarism may expect to face the consequences described in the College Handbook.

4. Students with Disabilities

If you are a student with a disability and wish to request accommodations, please contact the Office of Student Disability Services located in B-40 Van Hoesen Hall or call (607) 753-2066 for an appointment. Information regarding your disability will be treated in a confidential manner. Because many accommodations require early planning, requests for accommodations should be made as early as possible.

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Website Update

Since this is being read, it goes without saying that the course website is coming together, with nearly three weeks to go before the semester begins...amazing. OK, there are a few things missing yet. I'm still working on the initial tutorials. They are my first attempt at screencasting, and I'm interested in seeing how they will work out.

I'm also still giving thought to the course readings. Relying on the web to provide readings for the course is obviously risky, but it strikes me as necessary as well. Of course, some foundational material will also need to be employed, along with the latest news and commentary available online.

This just in. It's hot in Cortland! Can anyone really be expected to type and sweat at the same time?

Anyway, I've two main hopes for this course. I don't expect students to become expert, or even proficient, web designers. However, I do hope the course will give them an introduction to web design and the confidence to realize they can become proficient or expert if they choose.

My second hope is that students will come to see the value in having an online life. Of course I don't want them to become "addicted" to the internet. However, there's plenty of room for a more healthy use of networked communication, just as there might be "healthy" amounts of phone usage, television viewing, or reading and writing print. Specifically, I'd like to see students use the opportunities of blogging, podcasting, and the like to develop an identity for themselves in an online community, just as they might use academic writing to establish an academic identity in their classes or other pop cultural and local discourses to establish an identity among their friends and peers.

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