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December 16, 2005

Final Entry-neovox article

...here then is my fInal post and my final neovox article...I wrote the angry first half in a mad rush a couple months ago...the second and more optimistic half just right now...enjoy...I have appreciated this class and specifically our dialogues very much...peace...

Teddie Buffa
Neovox Article #2

I hate liberals. I hate conservatives. I hate anyone that can generalize him or herself into a category that ends with 'ist'. I hate the politics and political policies of our nation over the past five years. I hate the bush administration and slander that they have added to the name of our nation. I hated the sad attempts of that spineless fool John Kerry as he attempted to play the middle ground of every issue and carefully come across as a good guy and therefore lose himself the election at a time when we needed a strong democratic leader to step up and play ball with the sick and disgusting right side and the bullshit rhetoric that they spun (and spin). I hate the right side and their policies of greed and death that they have spread across the world. I hate they have made the world hate us. I hate the ignorant fools that voted for bush while only considering a single issue or 'hotbutton' ideal. And I hate the liberal left that foolishly voted for Kerry because there was no better alternative (and I hate myself because I was also fooled into this method of thinking).
I love Amerika. Let me say this again-I love Amerika. I love the concepts and ideals that it stands for. Freedom!
Beautiful and wonderful freedom.
A land of opportunity for one and all.
A place where the lowest man can rise and make worth of himself! These were the ideals that our nation was founded on. The way I live my life and choose to act could not be without the help of this place and the men and woman that founded it. What has happened?
We are on the verge of becoming a police state. Speaking out heavily against the government can get you on a terrorist watch list. What has happened to the great questioners of the state of things? Where are the Abbie Hoffmans? Where are the people that have the balls to stand up and speak out against the goings-on of our governmental system? There is a dynasty in charge now. A dynasty. Like father-Like son. They are hijacking the highest ranks of our court system for years to come. They are setting up themselves into positions of immense power. And they are doing it right before our eyes.
This sounds like a call to activism. It is not. This is a call to inform yourselves. I was an activist once. I quit right around the time that Bush was reelected. I watched the best minds of my generation fall into the trappings of apathy and stupidity and argument. I sat with leftist liberal thinkers and watched them fail miserably to come to agreement on anything. The right had organization and strength in belief. We had a bunch of loudmouth fools who could not find a common ground and work together on even the simplest of issues. Our only heroes were hypocritical radicals like Michael Moore. This was a man who would be just as horrible as bush if he was in charge.
Bush did not steal the election this time. This was a victory because over half of our nation voted for him. Why? It seems so obvious if you are a liberal that he is evil. But look at the other side for once. Have a conversation with a conservative. They don't bite. Conservatives need to have a conversation with Liberals. We need dialogue; we need progress. I have never seen a liberal and a conservative on this campus sit and have a quiet conversation about ideals. It usually turns into a shouting match of nonsense rhetoric. Both sides are foolish and both sides are right and wrong simultaneously.
Not all conservatives love Bush and not all liberals loved Kerry. The only reason why Bush won the last election was the amazing ability of his administration to cover up the lies. They kept the lies under wraps long enough…or at least to get people to look the other way by slandering the left and appealing to the beliefs of their target voters.
Inform yourselves. Ours is a generation that could change things. Ours has a chance to be intelligent about the issues and prevent needless wars and potentially save our dying nation. Become informed. Look beneath the surface of things and away from the trivial trappings of your own lives. We are nearing a scary time in our history and we must avoid the potential horrors of the future. We live in a global world in which nations can communicate and have dialogues with each other. We are angering friends and allies alike. This must be stopped and we have the power to due so. Help yourselves become informed. Fuck ignorance. Fuck Apathy.
So here we are. It is almost 2006. Things seem to be slowing down at least a bit. The right seems to be failing at least slightly. Several of the proposed bills that they have presented have been shot down, including the reentry of the patriot act. It’s not finalized yet but it seems as though several parts of it will not be allowed to continue.
I have a friend whom said something to me the other day.
She said that Art doesn’t matter.
This is a person of twenty-something years of age who actually believes what she was saying. This both enraged and saddened me. Could this be a sentiment of our generation? Do we have the great artists who will help usher us into the future. Is there a young Dylan living in our ranks somewhere? I like to hope so. I live for my art (any by art I mean anything of artistic creation…music, literature, brush to canvas, etc…) and I will die for it. When she said this sad statement to me I contemplated my answer in wondering what the function of art is, and why my generation seems (for the most part) so devoid of it.
It helps us find a unity and a voice…doesn’t it? A good song helps us stand together in unity and compassionate understanding of each other. A good novel can point out the need for social reform. A good painting can make us wish for a better world. We need to find our artistic souls, our unified voice as a generation…
There is hope. In ourselves…in our art…if only we can begin taking ourselves seriously… We are all of us part of this nation, this world. Let us start acting like it.

Posted by Teddie Buffa at December 16, 2005 10:02 PM

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