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December 18, 2005

Not so bad

So I've spent much of the semester, and my life for that matter, in complaint of technology.
A startling thought occured to me late Friday night. I was lying in bed having an asthma attack, my phone was dying, and my ipod battery had run out. I got up, grabbed an ipod charger and plugged it in next to my bed so I could lay in bed and listen to my music while it was charging. Then, I put my phone in the charger and laid it across my bed so that I could stlil keep in contact with my friends even though I am too sick to go out. And lastly, I pulled my laptop over and laid it next to me on my bed, so that while my tv flashed in the background, I could try to do a little bit of work and talk on AIM since I was alone, sick, and too tired to sit up even on a Friday night.
And my revelation came to me. Maybe, after all my whining of technology, there realyl are times that I enjoy it--or maybe even depend on it.

Posted by Christine Dance at December 18, 2005 4:20 PM

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