Conserving Energy--One Switch at a Time

by Dana Thomas, SUNY Cortland

Posted in on Thursday, Dec 4

You hear it all the time. “Turn off that light when you leave the room
and “don’t waste electricity like that.” It’s annoying sometimes, but it really makes a difference. It’s simple to conserve energy.

-Arrange your rooms so they maximize sunlight, and don’t turn on lights unless it’s necessary. Use what the earth already gives you!

-Turn down your thermostat and wear more layers. You don’t have to freeze in winter or burn up in the summer, but don’t overdo heat/air conditioning.

-Screensavers on computers don’t actually conserve energy. They just keep things moving so one picture doesn’t freeze on your monitor. When you have to leave your computer on when you might be away, put your laptop to “sleep” mode or turn your monitor off instead.

-Use powerstrips. And when you go to bed, or leave your office, turn off everything that doesn’t need to be on. Have most of these cords on a powerstrip, and then unplug the whole thing. Just turning it off doesn’t mean you aren’t still using electricity.

-Don’t wash half a load of laundry unless it is absolutely necessary. Fill the washer but don’t overfill it. Also, try air-dry clothing and such instead of using the dryer.

-Take shorter showers. This way, you aren’t wasting as much water, and you are not making your water heating system work as much. Help in two ways at once!

-Look for energy-efficient appliances and cookware.

-Bring your own silverware. Don’t just use plastic silverware everywhere you go: have a set of silverware with you.

Conserving energy isn’t just flipping a switch or two, you can conserve energy in a plethora of ways. Be creative and have some fun while doing it!

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