'Tis the Season to be Broadway

by Kara Graves, SUNY Cortland

Posted in on Friday, Dec 5

Early December, blistering cold, the holiday season is here! There isn’t much to do in good ‘ol Cortland, NY, but as students from all over this state, we can find something to do and somewhere to go. Finals week is sneaking up on us and all I can think about is acing those last couple of test and getting out of here to enjoy winter vacation!

No matter where you are from, Lake Placid to Long Island, when I tell you to trek on down (east, west, north or south) to NYC, I mean it.

There isn’t a place with more to do, especially during this season. From living right outside of the city and making it a priority to visit at least 5 times a week, I know from experience that you won’t find a spot more enchanting, even if you’re there for a mere 2 hours.

If you can, try to make it to Rockefeller center, hop on a horse and buggy, make your way down 5th avenue for a little window shopping ( unless your Louis Vuitton wallet is busting at the seams with hundreds.) Wallman Rink in Central Park is calling everyones’ names. And even if you don’t appreciate music, dancing or theater in general, make it your business to SEE A BROADWAY PLAY! Please! I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Lincoln Center, one of the city’s most exciting landmarks, was re-established back in 1985. Its one o f the only theaters in Manhattan that try their hardest to keep admission prices low for the benefit of most. Aside from being the center of NYC entertainment, it also stands for many great causes. Tickets can be bought for as low as $35, and with a 40,000 persons club, you can purchase a membership to see productions for $40-$50 with the best seating in the house! Also, the Center donates thousands of free tickets to the culturally underprivileged living in one of the five boroughs. They have numerous special performances for the hearing impaired, great playwright programs, a play workshop, a reading series, a director’s lab, and the Open Stages program (which actively participates with student from NYC public schools). The list goes on!

This recent holiday season, Lincoln Center brought back the first ever revival of South Pacific. Winning seven 2008 tony awards and being sold out since the first march 2008 production, it’s a must see!

The Rogers and Hammerstein Musical was a 1942 Broadway original and is often considered one of the greatest musicals of all time. Just imagine, it’s WWII and the United States Army is stationed in the South Pacific. Nellie, a young nurse stationed there as well, meets a middle aged French plantation owner named de Becque and falls in love, only to find out he is a widower with two biracial children. At first, she cannot accept this. Cable, a young soldier is in a similar situation with a young Polynesian girl named Liat. To tie the story together, De Becque and Cable go off together on a very dangerous mission and the two girls wait for their homecoming. Lt. Cable dies on the Japanese mission and when de Becque returns, Nellie realizes that love conquers all.

South Pacific
has both great dancing and superb singing. There is never a dull moment and with thirteen musical numbers to enjoy, there is no reason to not go.
From experience, I know how fantastic the play is and I also know how many great causes Lincoln center stands for. I think the theater and art programs don’t ever get enough recognition, appreciation or funding. Lincoln Center goes above and beyond to try and break the mold of who participates in the theater world. It is a place for everyone. Not enough people go out and experience the arts, and to me, that’s disappointing. As the founder of Lincoln Center said, “… the arts are not for the privileges few, but for the many.” John D. Rockefeller 3rd.

So enjoy the holiday and try something new. NYC has something to offer if you’re willing to break out of the box!

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