I know an old Lady Who Swallowed the Fly

by Elizabeth Tucker, SUNY Cortland

Posted in on Thursday, Dec 11

A few weeks ago I spent the entire day browsing the children's section of the Cortland Library. Sitting cross legged 
on the floor, I rediscovered books from my childhood, as well as made new discoveries about the children's books of today.
I found modern books that had dynamic relationships to be quite inspiring. So when I picked up the book, I know an old Lady
Who Swallowed the Fly, I knew I wanted to give the images a more playful depth instead of just having pictures of the animals
that the poor old lady swallowed. I knew that I wanted to create a conversation between a boy and a girl at the play ground. Through out
the newly told story, the young boy tells his friend all about a woman he knows who swallows animals that should not be swallowed.
The young girl's imagination gasps with amazement. Now there is a story with in a story, which makes the original all the more fun.

By Liz Tucker

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