101 Words--Ready

by Alexandra DeVoe, http://neovox.cortland.edu

Posted in on Friday, Nov 5

I'm done with college. No, I have not graduated yet but I'm ready to go. My entire body is yearning for that next step. All night drinking and partying has lost appeal in favor of writing my book with a glass of red wine. Ache doesn't describe it; I'm desperate for the next chapter of my life to begin. I hate my suburban black hole. I am more than this place. I am drowning in my hometown. Everywhere I look is a dead end. Here it is culturally mundane; it is impossible to stand out. I am more than this. I want the galaxy that is New York City.

New York is my everything. The rush of it, the sound, and the raw reality of it all makes my heart beat hard and fast inside of me. My soul belongs in SoHo. I am ready to go. If I don't go now, I never will. It is time to break free.

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