A female colleges students view on pregnancy, abortion and the womens right to choose.

by Kristen Pinsent, SUNY Cortland, April 11, 2007

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The topic of abortion brings about a lot of anger with individuals different views on the subject. Being pro-life or pro-choice is a choice that most women (and if they haven’t- should) have a stand on. The history of Abortion has been going on for longer then we know, harlots back in the day having abortions so they could continue to work, slave women aborting their masters “bastard” so that no one would know of the masters lust for a women who was considerer an animal. Though this procedure has been going on for a great number of years, people still cannot make a decision if abortion is right or wrong.

I live in Stony Brook on Long Island and there have been a number of times while driving down 347 seeing a group of elderly people with signs of baby fetuses on the signs or signs that state: “This is not your only option” in front of the medical center. The first (and only time) I saw an abortion being performed, was a documentary on television showing the dismemberment of the baby, I was young, about 13 and I remember crying because it was so graphic. Because of this- most would think I would be pro-life but I am pro-choice. In this day in age a women’s body is her own she should have the final say in what she chooses to do and have no one persuade her in a direction.

There is much to be considered before doing this procedure- the health risks both physically and mentally of the women- along with if she will be able to have a normal child birth in years to come. Those who believe in pro-life, I think sometimes about all the children in the world who are neglected and are beaten and violated because of their own parent’s unstableness and hatred for their own children. No doubt these people are unstable and should not be able to have babies in the first place, but if abortion was banned everywhere in the world- just think of how many stories we would see on the news about children being beaten or sexually abused or killed by parents.

Abortions have been in the mainstream of the media- there are television shows which show the women’s dilemma in having an abortion or teenage pregnancies: Lifetime’s “Sixteen and Pregnant” with Kirsten Dunst. There was an HBO special where there were three different segments showing three different women who were considering abortions. The special was called “If These Walls Could Talk” which shows three different women dealing with the fact of being pregnant and wanting to get an abortion. These three women are all living in the same house just at different times- the 1950’s, the 1970’s and the 1990’s.

The first woman was played by Demi Moore, a nurse who becomes pregnant and during this point in time-the 1950’s- abortions were illegal so she took drastic measures in aborting her baby. She tried to abort the baby by inserting a wired hanger into her vagina and then getting an illegal abortion which can cause many health complications. The second segment is of a housewife and mother who has four children and just finds out that she is pregnant- getting older and being worrisome about finances- she is considering having an abortion. This is particular hard for her because she already has had children whom she loves and knows this will cause emotional problems for herself.

The last segment which is set in the 90’s, shows a young college girl who is pregnant and is looking into an abortion because she is not ready to be a mother. The doctor who is performing the abortion is played by Cher. The movie was well done in seeing that different women of different types of ages and status, all deal with the same problem.
It seems that the topic of abortion will always be somewhere in the news. A new topic that has been brought to attention- is a proposal coming about in Texas. “The Texas Baby Purchasing Act of 2007” is a new idea that was brought up by state Senator Dan Patrick. Patrick’s proposal was that for women who were pregnant, instead of having an abortion performed- go through the full term of the pregnancy and give the baby to a couple who want to adopt and give the birth mother $500 for the baby. "We want that lady to have an incentive that makes her stop and think about having an abortion and that gives her a reason to put her baby up for adoption” Patrick has said. This is just another form of baby selling but just trying to make it legal by saying that it is legal because they say so. Members of anti-abortion groups expressed caution against this proposal stating: “We just need to make sure there isn't even the perception of baby buying going on," said Joe Pojman, executive director of Texas Alliance for Life.

The proposal is aimed more towards young, lower class women because they would be more vulnerable in going through with the whole term of pregnancy to gain $500 rather then loose that amount and them some for an abortion. There are certain qualifications that a women must have but those qualification are not explained well. I have never been pregnant- nor expect to become so until for a number of years- but having a baby inside of yourself for nine months out of a year- is a long time to be with child and seeing all the difficulties- the sickness and the joys- the first kicks, and the feeling of that connection with a child- it will more likely then not-make it hard for this female to give her child away because of a bond she may now feel with this child. An emotional disturbance may occur with the mother now giving her child away. On the internet there is a website (www.culturekitchen.com) that talks about this whole idea and there is a cartoon showing a woman with a baby in her arms and her speaking to her friend saying: “Can you believe I’m getting $500 for him? That’s over $70 a pound!” It is disturbing in how this proposal may occur. Having a baby is a sacred gift, I can not even tell how many times I have heard my own mother tell me how when she had me and my siblings how she never knew how much she could love another human being as she does with her children.

I have heard/ seen of kidnappings happening with young children in books, the news or on T.V. but did not know to the extent that there were real people who stole infants to sell to a couple or sell to people so they could be sex slaves- until I was down in Florida for my spring break. While stuck down in Florida because of the ice storm that happened up in New York, we went to the beach. We went into a Dairy Queen and saw a sign of an infant who was about a month to two months old who was stolen out of her carriage about nine months previously. Learning that these events do really happen is so disturbing because I wonder where peoples morals and values of family and human life lies. An innocent baby now will grow up not knowing its real self and be living with parents who will very well -not be the best judge of character if they are buying babies on the black market. Even worse, they may be living in a basement of a house being a sex slave to a psycho-maniac.

Recently in the New York Post- there was an article about a man and women in Owensboro, Kentucky who are guilty of trying to sell a 15 month year old little girl for $3,000. This article on the couple just came out this past week- March 25. Charles Hope, 32 and his girlfriend Amber Revlett, 26, were trying to sell the little girl so that they could pay off Hope’s previous criminal charges. This is just one story I found about baby selling but there were so many more.

This brings me back to abortion, adoption and also the “Texas Baby Purchasing Act”. There is a shortage of Caucasian children in adoption agencies but many children of color that still need homes. There are children still all over the world that have no homes but we want to bring more into the world so that parents can get infants and for an extremely low price, considering the 264 to 270 days you are carrying this child, the strain it puts on ones body and of course- the birth. This proposal by Patrick is outrageous- I do not know if it just because he is a man and does not understand the hardships a women goes through during pregnancy and making these kind of decisions of going through with an abortion or giving a child away for adoption. He seems a lot like Tom Cruise in his idea of women and childbirth- he knows nothing about it. Not to give men a bad name because there are men who are as in depth with there wives or girlfriend’s pregnancies and understand how hard of a decision it is to make to keep or abort a baby.

I am Pro-Choice but also believe that a woman should take responsibility when it comes to pregnancy. As a young female college student, I have female friends who have become pregnant and took responsibility head on and kept their children and have as well had friends who have taken the pill, plan B, to terminate a pregnancy before it began and worked with a female who had two abortions performed. Ultimately, it comes down to the way a women feels about the pregnancy. She many not be at the right point in her life to have a child, or if the pregnancy was brought on by rape or incest, it would be completely acceptable for an abortion to be performed and that is why I believe it is a women’s right to choose. However, I believe that women should be smart in using protection and not to make a decision on abortion suddenly because of the emotional response she will have from the abortion. I found a couple of website that tells about the facts of a child and gives information and help on making a decision about what to do if a women is having trouble deciding. Planned Parenthood is the most respectable with giving unbiased information on pregnancy- http://www.plannedparenthood.org. Another website that gives information on pregnancy but is more of an anti-abortion website is: www.abortionfacts.com. A woman explains her story on this website of how she had an abortion and the feelings that went through her afterwards. There are other articles of abortion survivors and their stories.

This article was supposed to be solely of “The Texas Baby Purchasing Act” but there are so many other factors that go with it. I decided to make this article more of a view point from a liberal, feminist, college student’s point of view- my point of view. This is not saying that all female college students feel the same way as I do because I know that it is not case.

For more information on “The Texas Baby Purchasing Act of 2007”:

Or to get information on Abortion, Adoption or keeping a child:
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