Not Everything is Juno Perfect

by Jessica Worrell, SUNY Cortland, May 7, 2008

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Pregnant? Me? never, well not no--I’m just 15.

When we hear about someone being pregnant, we assume that she is older than 21. Well, things have changed over the years, and not for the better. Walking down the streets of Brooklyn, I see more and more pregnant teenage girls under the age of 17.

Teen pregnancy is like the new fad. In my head I think: how, why, I wonder how their family feels, was it planned, how old is their baby’s father, and most important: are they with their baby’s father?

In my Brooklyn Junior High School, rumors of someone being pregnant had spread like wild fire. Everyone walked down the halls staring at tummies looking for that one unfortunate female. I say it was unfortunate because it was the beginning of the school year; therefore she will be in labor before she can graduate. Finally, one last rumor which has been confirmed to be true gave the name of the childbearing teen. Like most unplanned pregnancies, this young female tried to hide inside big clothes, but that holds up only for but so many months. Eventually, this young lady had to take a leave of absence, unable to graduate with her class.

Why do so many teens get pregnant????? I don’t have an answer for that. But I do have an idea. I was too once that 15 year old girl going through maturity; get bigger in place that will only lead to negative attention from the opposite sex. At the tender age of 15 I was a sophomore in high school. A lot of teens in school have unprotected sex. Many females have this “I can’t get pregnant” attitude. Well, guess what… at the end of my sophomore year, there were four pregnancies.

The ironic part is that these pregnant teens think it is “cute” to be pregnant, until the real responsibility begins nine months later. When I say “cute”, I’m referring to their actions and mentality. The pregnant teens will be the latest fashion icons to show off their stomachs.

Human or Doll?. Many teen mothers in my High school treated their babies like dolls: got to have the latest fashions. These mothers won’t have enough money to buy formula for their child, but enough money to spend $251 on a pair of designer jeans.

When I was 16-ish, I had one thing on my mind, and that was school parties, movies, hanging out with my friends, or doing anything that would keep me from being in the house. But when a child comes into the equation, your priorities change. No more hanging out, no more parties, no more freedom in general.

Adults would refer to this epidemic as “kids having kids”. Where do teen even find time to have sex? I have an idea: WHEN THEIR PARENTS ARE AT WORK. I heard many stories of people skipping school. Ummm, I wonder where do they go????. Skipping to have sex was the newer fad in my high school. The males would invite the females to their house. They would then engage in sex, usually unsafe sex.

But wait, now months later, that female is wondering why she is throwing up, getting morning sickness, and developing a tummy. O wait, I know. It is because she had unprotected sex. The mystifying thing about teen pregnancy is that the female would even have to ask herself “How did I get pregnant”. I am going to conclude my article with a statement that people think is obvious, but really isn’t. UNSAFE SEX CAN CAUSE UNPLANNED PREGNANCIES.

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