Paper Politics, An Exhibition you Can't Pass by...

by Elizabeth Tucker, SUNY Cortland, November 7, 2008

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If there is one campus event to attend this electoral season it would have to be Paper Politics. This phenomenal art exhibit will be taking place in the DOWD Fine Arts Gallery from September the 9th through November 6th. I urge all students, faculty, staff, and community to visit the gallery and feast your eyes upon this wonderful collaboration of political expression.

Andrew Mount, Director of the DOWD Fine Arts gallery at SUNY Cortland says; “Paper Politics is a statement about the plurality of art.”
The exhibition contains pieces from 174 different artists from the U.S., Canada, and around the globe. The works are responses to the events of our time. The various prints capture the eye, stimulate the mind, and deeply touch the heart.

Traditional printmaking lines the walls of the gallery. Many of the images are so bold that one can find time slipping by as one gets lost in the thoughts that message provokes.

Josh MacPhee, curator of Paper Politics says; “ We rarely see any evidence of the human hand in our visual landscape, just digitally produced dot patterns and flickering electronic images. This gives handmade prints power, silkscreened and stenciled posters pasted on the street or woodcuts and etchings hanging on a wall or in a window grab the eye, jump out as us because of their failure to seamlessly fall in line with the rest of the environment.”

The most dominating theme of Paper Politics is an angry response to the war on terror in Iraq. But other images of globalization, homelessness, immigration, and prison are themes that our human race is struggling with as a whole. It is deeply inspiring just how many issues of our time the artists are attempting to address. MacPhee expresses; “I don’t want to live as a singular artist, I want to build a strong and thriving community. Individually the works in this show range from stunningly beautiful art prints with subtle political implications, to bold bulldozing pieces of propaganda. I don’t care if all the work doesn’t represent my politics or aesthetics. In fact, I seriously disagree with some of the pieces. But none of that matters. What matters is that this show is a living-breathing model of what I feel is effective politics.”

As election-day approaches I can see no better time than now to look within and find your own political expression.

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Dowd Gallery

Neovox has created their own political responses. Inspired by this exhibition. See Artist Submissions

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