October 31, 2009: Halloween

by Richard Polk, , October 30, 2009

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Oct 31, 2009

Dear Susie:
Sitting in a coffee shop just around the block; sipping a green mint latte I see your face gliding through the glass pane windows. Is this the day that I will last see your face? Ever since you took that job in D.C working for a newspaper company; your attitude has completely changed. You were once a care-free person who let life take you where ever it will. In fact I remember once when we were both younger we went (as couples do) to the cemetery behind the railroad tracks where the old buried the young in hopes of a greater harvest the next year. There we showed our love by carving out heart shaped blocks of grass and dirt, confirming our affection for one another with a single kiss and a long nap afterwards. Those were the good times, those were the innocent times.

We grew older as the years passed and it seemed that our love would remain the same and it did; perhaps that is where we fell short, our love never growing out of our teenage years. For awhile I had thought that our love would become grow stronger over time especially after that incident two years ago precisely to this date. It was a cold autumn night; we had just taken our younger siblings out on the town to get them their treats early.

We hurried them up with the hopes of getting some time to ourselves. Finishing shortly before 9:00pm we dropped them off at home; convincing you to head out to that cemetery so that we can make love. We put the kids in bed, grabbed our coats and headed out the door (Oh how I curse that day). As we were walking down the path to the cemetery we heard some noise up ahead. Grabbing your hand I dragged you into the shrubs and up the steep inclined hill. Stopping at the top we slowly crept forward until we could see into the shallow valley. There we saw several flaming fires with people dressed in dark hoods silently dancing around in three semi-circles that encompassed one another. In the dead center of the three circles were three children whose hands were bound by thick tree roots. To the outside of the circle were three graves freshly dug. As the people danced the kids were screaming. Suddenly there was a commotion, a man who was standing guard pushed three new kids in front of him to the front section of the circle. The priest who was standing on a tall dark log suddenly raised both of his hands in the air. The three circles came to a dead stand still. Pushing the kids forward in front of the priest; the guard took a step backwards and lowered his head.
"Who dares disturb our sacred ceremony?" Hollered the priest. "Any and all outsiders are not welcome; however if an outsider witnesses our ceremony one of them must forfeit his life while the others are free to go under the condition that they never return." Motioning for a torch to be shined on the kid's faces, the priest said "You have one minute to decide which one of you stands in proxy for the other two."

As their faces were illuminated, I saw to my horror that they were our three younger siblings: my younger sister and your two younger brothers. Motioning for you to stay still; I got up and ran down the hill into the midst of the circle. Seconds later I hear a rumbling behind me; turning slightly around I saw you run down the hill and come to a sliding stop right beside me.
Grabbing you by the shoulders I screamed "I thought I told you to stay up there!" You replied (oh do you remember your reply) "It is the twenty-first century; women have rights to you know." "You stupid broad" I screamed.

"Do you even know what you got yourself involved in? I don't have the time right now for your feminism crap; just get your skinny ass back up that hill now." "No! I'm not going anywhere." You retorted.

"Don't make me ask you again." I growled; as my clenched fists turned white at my sides. "Silence!" the priest hollered. "Approach me now." Several hands shoved us forward until we were right beside the children. "Now instead of one standing in proxy two must now stand in proxy." The priest said "Decide now." Stepping forward I asked "What would be the cost if one was to take the place of all?" The priest replied "To take the place of all upon one's self; is to give everything of you freely to us and to our mistress of the earth."

"When you say everything do you mean my soul as well?" I asked. "Everything." the priest replied. Without a moment's hesitation I replied "I'll do it." "Let the scrolls be brought up." The priest proclaimed. "One moment if you please priest." You said. "What is it my child?" the priest asked. "I'm here to stand in proxy for those other three children." you said. "You understand the terms of the agreement?" the priest asked. "Yes I do." You replied. Grabbing your arm roughly I said "What the hell do you think you are doing?" "I'm saving the children too; women can be heroes to you know. I do have free will and my own mind to decide what I want to do. I don't need a male to make up my mind for me." You replied. Turning back to look at the priest I said "I certainly hope you know what you are doing."

Unrolling an ancient scroll the priest said "Approach". Walking up right underneath the priest; we stopped and stared straight ahead observing the scenery in front of us. The priest's voice boomed throughout the forest "Do you my children understand the terms of this agreement?" "Yes we do." We replied. "Do you understand that once you sign this parchment in blood, that you forever belong to this cult. There is no turning back; the only way to be free from our accursed lot is to accept deaths cold embrace. "The priest said. "Yes we understand." We replied. "Do you understand that from now on you are to be considered one and that everything you posses, including yourself and your offspring belong to us?" the priest asked. "Yes we understand." We replied. And do you agree to these standards?" he asked. "We do." We replied. Then step forward and sign your name on the scroll with the blood that you will spill when you prick your finger with this feather pen. Stepping forward I pricked my left thumb signed my name making sure that I got enough blood on the pen; I signed my name on the scroll. Stepping off to the side; I watched as you pricked your own thumb and signed your name right below mine.

Finishing, you stepped over beside me and grasped my hand tightly. We're in this together, you said to me under your breath. "Don't you dare mention this to anyone or else I'll kill you." Raising his hands above his head the priest said "You have appeased the hunger of our mistress. You are now members of our community. You are free to leave now and take the children with you. We will call upon you when we need you. Now a note of warning I will pass your way: if either one of you decides to leave the other and forsake this community that they have now adopted; thus breaking the oaths that they have sworn too. The other must dispose of that one half that broke the oaths; if this rule is not followed then we will hunt down these children and slowly kill them one by one,

And now you see why I must kill you. In all actuality by the time that you read this letter; you would have about five minutes to live. Remember those chocolates that I gave you last weekend? Remember how I made you try out at least half of the box; while I refused any on the grounds that I was trying to lose weight? Those chocolates were laced with a slow lethal poison that has no cure.

I'm sorry that it has to be this way. My only thought and concern is keeping the children safe; Even if it means sacrificing you.
Your friend and once time lover

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