Teach NeoVox

NeoVox provides an opportunity for students at colleges and universities around the world to share their writing, visual art, and other media. We welcome students to contact us directly. However, in many instances, we work with faculty to integrate participation in the magazine into their curriculum. Faculty in Art, Communications, English, International Studies, Journalism, and New Media, among others, have found NeoVox to be a valuable component of their teaching.

Our project offers students an opportunity to put their education to work as they investigate a range of significant social issues and current events in our News and Politics section. Speak Out encourages students to take a stand on issues that range from the sacred to the profane. The Arts features fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, and various visual art media. Travel and Adventure are students' stories of leaving the comforts of home. Culture takes a look at the milieu in which we construct our lives and find meaning. It is also a place where students critique others' cultural productions. College Life is tales told out of school.


In addition to providing a voice for students in these areas, students participating in coursework with NeoVox learn to collaborate on a global scale. Poets from the US work with photographers from Costa Rica. Student journalists in Turkey collaborate with designers from Australia. And so on.

Finally faculty and staff at SUNY Cortland provide support for the magazine’s production. We can help you integrate NeoVox into your curriculum, offer training in the simple technical processes for submitting student work, and provide editorial feed back for you students’ work from our professional and student editorial staff.

Contact Lorraine Berry, NeoVox Director, for more information at

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