The Journey of a Lifetime

by Johnathan Singh-Green,

Posted in on Friday, Dec 3

I wave good bye with a smile on my face,

Lost up in the escalator and behind the wall without a trace,

No view, no smell, just the absence of me and Mel,

Family left still in place, tears carelessly running down their face,

Tears of love and joy as I become man from boy, Big and strong I walk away,

For a time so long I'm not here to stay,

Not really thinking about what I'm leaving, Mind set on only achieving,

Thoughts of what I'm going to miss have not even crossed my mind,

The thought of being in America has made me blind,

The excitement of my journey across land and sea, another step closer to gaining my degree,

I've worked so hard and pushed myself to the max, but even now I cannot relax,

To rest on my laurels is a text book error; the thought of failing sends a shiver of terror,

I am man, strong in body and in mind; however I underestimated this place and came in blind,

And now I'm missing what I left behind,

To my peril I started to trust, two months have passed and now survival is a must,

I'm falling away and becoming disheartened,

I feel like now that I'm the martian

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