A Mystery So Deep (101 Words)

by Jess Lincourt, http://neovox.cortland.edu

Posted in on Thursday, Mar 3

A mystery so deep
One I'll never unravel
The further I travel
The more I become tangled
Pushing down the frustration
As the answer becomes
More unclear,
Struggling, reaching, searching,
The revelation,
Right past my fingertips
Unable to grasp the truth
consistent change
Has me back and forth
Not knowing where we stand
Evidence is always versatile,
Cryptic, unreadable
Clues point to secretly
What I Want to hear
Yet the conclusion
Previously determined,
Has me knowing
My happy ending
Isn't near to come
Why do I stay?
too addicting, so inviting.
The temptation of exploring,
The perplexities of a warm body.

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