Surf Extra-ordinaire

by Daniel Anadio, SUNY Cortland, November 6, 2008

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From the clothes on your back to the presidential candidate on your absentee ballot; life is all about choices. Some actors, like the late Paul Newman, chose to perform their own stunts, SUNY Cortland senior John Clare has made the choice to surf. This interview with the Long Island native suggests surfing is more than a sport- it’s a statement of identity.

How long have you been surfing?

I have been surfing since I was 11 years old, So 10 years but I have been a water person all my life.

Where do you catch waves?

My home town surf spot is Smiths point. To get to the spot you need 4-wheel drive. It pretty secret and localized break.

How do you dial into the surf world?

I am subscribed to Surfer magazine, there are also a few sites online such as wetSand to track surf throughout the world.

What do you think about surfing getting cut from the summer X-games in 2008?

I think that surfing should be a huge part of summer x-games, but for some reason in the United States surfing has a bad vibe. If you go to a place like Australia surfing is in the headline news--not football or soccer. I think that people don’t understand the true feeling of surfing. It’s an experience that no other sport can give you.

Of the following former summer X-Games events- which would you like to see re-instated?
A) luge
B) inline aggressive skating
C) surfing
D skateboarding vert- doubles

What do you think about the snow/skate/surf industry embracing environmental stewardship more aggressively in the wake of the climate crisis?

I think that it is a great accomplishment of the surf/snow/skate industry to take hold on the climate crisis. I know in the surfing industry, environmental factors affect the breaks each year. With the more construction along beachfront land the sand is slowly starting to disappear. This is not good for breaks. The most well-known surf breaks are starting to disappear and something needs to be done.

7) Do you have a favorite surfer?

My favorite surfer would have to be Taj Burrow.

Would you be willing to throw down a little extra cash for an eco-friendly surf board?

I would have no problem throwing down more money for an eco-friendly board as long as it performed the same.

What is the gnarliest surf destination you’ve ever visited/ surf trip you’ve gone on?

I have been to a few different places to surf such as Australia, Puerto Rico and most of the East Coast. Out of these places my favorite might have to be Puerto Rico. It could have been the time of year but the conditions were great when we were there. But I can never forget good old-fashioned Long Island where I only have to travel a mile to surf Smiths or 45 minutes to surf Montauk.

Where do you dream about surfing in the future?

My next destination in the future is going to be Puerto Escondido. It is known as the “Mexican pipe line”. It's an absolutely amazing break.

Finish this sentence: “Because of Surfing...”

Because of surfing I am who I am today and I love the stereotype of being a surfer.

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