People Are Praying It Will Never Happen Again

by Wonmi Chang, , March 8, 2010

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It happened on January 12th 2010.
People are praying it will never happen again

The worst earthquake in about 200 years
Everyone in Haiti was shaken with fear

Devastating images were all over the news
Engrained in our minds by all the views
Women and Men, Children and Parents
Everything counts even a couple of cents

A life shattering quake with a magnitude of 7
Haitians were close to reaching heaven
Buildings were ruined, and fell to the ground
Many have yet to be discovered and wound
Up in bandages but it can't help their pain
Nothing can wash this feeling not even the rain

An estimated million were left homeless
A loss of identity, without an address

Tears were shed by the destruction
It's going to take a lot for the construction
Not just for the buildings, the roads and their house
But the pain and suffering of losing a spouse
They need support and thoughts and prayers
They also need time to peel back the layers

In such a time of need, people came together
To bring a little joy during times of grey weather
UN, Red Cross, Unicef to name a few
To unify Haiti and help them through

The crisis that happened on January 12th 2010.
People are praying it will never happen again

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