by Benjamin Kimble, , April 26, 2010

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WHAT is happening in the Democratic Republic of Congo?

The DRC is extremely wealthy - and extremely big. Similar in size to Western Europe, it abounds with diamonds, gold, copper, cobalt and zinc. The country also has supplies of coltan, which is used in mobile phones and other electronic gadgets, and cassiterite, used in food packaging. Unfortunately for the people of DRC, its resource wealth has rarely been harnessed for their benefit. This vast country has hardly any roads or railways, while the health and education systems lie in ruins. Instead, the natural riches have attracted rapacious adventurers, unscrupulous corporations, vicious warlords and corrupt governments and divided the population among competing ethnic groups.

Can YOU help?

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How easy would it be to raise awareness for this cause?

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A few more facts in order to grasp the magnitude of influence that Facebook has:

With an audience this big, the question is not can you help, but how can you make a difference?

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