Some thoughts on Brothers and Keepers by John Edgar Wideman

by Milan Rowson, , May 10, 2010

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Brothers and Keepers is not my favorite book but I enjoyed it the most out of all the books we have read in this class. My favorite quotation in the book is on page 114 when Robby says, "Didn't know what I was saying half the time and wasn't sure what I wanted, but I was out there screaming and hollering and waving my arms around and didn't take no shit from nobody."

I love this part of the book because I think this is the phase that black men are stuck in until they choose our path in our lives. At some point we are hit with an experience and/or see that the world is not the same for us. After realizing that, that is, when I feel we are stuck in phase described in Robby's quote. We doing things knowing things are not fair, just, and equal for us. We vow to not be treated like that. Then we realize we as a people are at fault for a lot of the shit we are into.

That is when we are at the beginning of his quote, the not knowing what we are doing part. But it is also the end of the phase too because you can't go back if you wanted to and you have to make a choice on what you're gonna do with your life from that point on.

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