Three Poems

by Richard Polk, , October 1, 2010

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Is time still on my side
Or is it already too late
To correct the wrong and take the blame
Of all mistakes
That I have made

Honestly I never knew
It never even crossed my mind
That phrases that I have uttered
Would be an offense to you

I was a young immature boy then
And many shapes and sizes caught my eye
As they walked on by

In my naivete
I began to fantasize
"On same gender issues"
And on occasion I brought the topic up
Just to annoy you

But I'm older now
And maybe a little wiser
I regret this and many more
Things I have said

Still, is time on my side
Or is it already too late
Will you always see the foolish boy
I once was
Or are you willing to see the Godly man
I aspire to be


Trumpets pierce
That milky black haze
As a surgeon's scalpel
Cuts to the beating heart

Call has come
From the One
Time to go

Choir sings
Golden gates swing
ECG screams it's monotone wail


Narrow bed
Wide berth
Thin paperback
Tucked in left corner
Big black dog
Passing gas
Grey sleeping cat
On black/grey computer chair
Boy/man writing down
Utter nonsense
While doubt plays
Mind games
About future consequences
Thoughts fading
Broken dreams

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