by Mellissa Houlding,, October 1, 2010

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A bridge full of thick grey mist, steps are taken blindly but with absolute caution, eyes locked in mistrust. The dance begins slowly at first, moments forming balance and equality. Months pass in a haze, years form perfected by the trials and tribulations of life.
Time melts away, truth burning through the obstacles and shadows until the mist begins to clear. The steps evolve from caution to confident, showing elements of beauty and rarity, delicate on appearance yet so strong.

Bare whispers hot on the skin, a simple touch makes the heart skip a beat, breathing becoming fast and hard as the room begins to spin, delirious. Capturing the hand, the room stills and breathing steadies, comfort and warmth filling the fingertips. The sun begins to rise, cracking through the shutters and filtering through the dust and the dreams.

Weeks and months of pressure built up in pent frustration. A single moment wiped away, tears breaking through, looking for the familiar into which we rely. We don't realise the importance of these little things, until so far from the warmth we dig deep, deep for the essence and truth of the light, the flutter of breathe that sends tingles down the spine.

The rush is shocking, shakes and sobs escaping in desperate splutters, the loneliness holding true even when surrounded by warmth. A journey that has to be taken alone, only alone, to establish the strength to climb to the top of the peak. The peak surrounded by swaying trees that speak the dangerous unknown.

The trees rustle, whispering secrets as the river sweeps away friends and lovers to the complete unknown. Sadness fills the trees, swaying wildly in deep despair. The air changes becoming dark and violent, thunder cracks overhead providing gloom and a deep hunger for respite. Lightning strikes, the trees split screaming in distress, wishing friends and lovers could see the destruction left in their wake.

Stillness and sunlight surround the destruction that lay in the wake of the storm. The eyes open, with freshness and vigour to new and natural surroundings, the mind moves forward now, on to bigger challenges, the worst part is over. The guilt and pressure lifting like a dark grey mist, moments formed and ready, trials and tribulations over. Time is of the essence and the true question which then follows you is what did you do to keep you dreams coming true, not last week, not last year but today. The trees lay cursed, a forever reminder of the hard times that made you so want to reach your dreams.

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