by Justin Curry,, December 3, 2010

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"This seems dangerous," says Ryan Dunn while awaiting to be sling shot into a pool via wheelbarrow. 'This seems dangerous' is one of the perfect quotes to define the many skits that the new Jackass has to offer. But hey, they all know the danger in their business, and they face danger like professional jackasses.

A game of "beehive tetherball" is a great example of danger. There are fifty-thousand bees present inside and outside of a tetherball hive. Steve-O and Dave England are the lucky opponents in the match, but when they are told it takes about one-hundred bees to actually kill a man, well, the fear factor begins to settle in. However, as much as the fear factor would halt any of us level-headed thinkers from even coming close to doing a jackass stunt like this, these guys do it with the balls of a bull.

This is the third feature film to portray the pain of consequence, such as the game of pin the tail on a donkey with a real donkey. Except this time, the directors bring the disgusting, agonizing pleasure to the audience in 3D. Aside from the 3D dildos, they used slow motion to enhance the visual effects, which I thought was clever. Live-action crap and vomit has never been so amusing on the big screen. "We're really falling apart here," says Johnny Knoxville in one of the more nauseating skits. The progression of scene in slow motion gives the viewer a prolonged experience of idiocracy in action. It created more room for humor, which proved to tickle (and at the same time smack) the funny bone of their audience.

I gave this film three-and-a-half out of four stars for their ability to time and time again bring the viewer pleasure through their own pain. Their ideas are distinctive and original, which is one reason Jackass has been successful in their very deserved ten-year run. Three-quarters of the skits performed got me to laugh, and the others simply got me to cringe. It is as interesting as it is timeless, proving to be worth the overwhelming amount of the movie ticket. The entire cast returned for more of the fun and have closed in on earning the title of legendary stuntmen.

It is only a question where the Jackass boys will venture to next. The stunts in this movie were big ideas, which makes one wonder how many more ideas they have left. This is their most successful film to date out of the three, which could possibly compel them to gather once more for a fourth. If one thing was clear, they are beginning to age, so it will be a question of audacity for the jackass crew. For most of them, this story has been the highlight of their lives. Why would they want to give it all up now? Don't be surprised if we see another installment in the next five years.

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