Exit Wounds

by Mellissa Houlding, http://neovox.cortland.edu, March 3, 2011

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The flicker of an eyelid, a flutter of wings, some say enough to cause a typhoon. Something so small, so tiny, to cause so much destruction, heartbreak and burning regret. A bullet enters, a small target at first, tearing through the organs and the skin. This is the person you meet for the first time, making tiny little impacts, impressions, until they walk away, leaving a trail of destruction in their mist.

The small bullet does one of two things; passes through and through or lodges inside. It creates a crevice of destruction and darkness, a deep darkness on a long dark broken slope to nowhere. Scars are created like maps, maps showing our war wounds but all may not be seen with the bare eye. Scars change us; change our state of mind and burn the heart from within, anguish overtaking all common sense and reality.

Cries form, deep inside the soul, unheard by everyone around, almost everyone. They listen intently, with logic and compassion, piercing the souls with lightening eyes, powerful enough to see through any fool, see the rotting wrong deep inside or the pieces of the broken, the broken looking into the darkness deep within.

Silence is piercing, words unneeded, truths need not be spoken. The unknown truth a better solution than the absolute truth. The absolute truth causing the bullet to lodge. To stick deep inside and hold in the past, something to be felt, touched, a memory, a feeling, a song, a book, a moment that allows the hole to appear again. An unspoken truth allows for dreams, dreams built high in the sky that instead of trapping the soul allows it to flutter free.

Change happens all around us, we barely notice the beauty of it, changing seasons, changing destinations, change in direction, change in life. It is so painful to us all, we don't appreciate change for what it is, what keeps these war scars from enveloping us; from swallowing us whole and allow us to move on, to embrace life in its very sincerity. So that you may look at life, at the crisp colourful leaves, at the breathtaking views, the beauty in the world, and sigh, sigh at what life is, at what life is meant to be, something to be grasped.

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