National Get-Over-Your-Ex-Day (is any day)

by Korrie Olszewski,, March 3, 2011

Valentine's Day can be a miserable occasion for many people. All the talk of being in love can cause memories of past relationships to resurface, bringing negative and regretful feelings along with it. This Valentine's day (or any Valentine's

Gospel Choir Fall Concert

by John Cataldo, , March 3, 2011

I was thoroughly surprised at what I saw at the cultural celebration. I was impressed, happy and rather enjoyed the entire performance. I had never been to a gathering like the one I attended on the 28th and didn't

El Miedo de la Muerte

by Karissa Calamari,, December 3, 2010

La muerte es una etapa de la vida de la cual la mayoría del mundo tiene miedo y es un tema que el autor Miguel de Unamuno usa mucho en el poema "En el Cementerio de un Lugar Castellano."

South African Hip Hop

by David Mindich,, December 3, 2010

"Wat kyk jy?" Pronounced, "vat kayk yay"-- the term is Dutch (or rather, Afrikaans) for "what are you looking at?" It's also the title of one of Die Antwoord's more famous songs. Never heard of them? Don't feel bad,

Los Simbolos de la Vida

by Tonya Wilson,, December 3, 2010

Los Símbolos de la Vida en un Sitio de Muerte en "En el Cementerio de un Lugar Castellano" Muchos autores exploran la vida y la muerte en sus libros, novelas y poemas por razón de que cada uno afecta a

Win or Lose, Someone's Going to the Hospital

by Corey Hutchinson,, November 7, 2010

Prepare yourself to learn the true nature of Cortaca. This is important stuff, people. As any New York State college student knows, Cortaca is the annual college football game played between SUNY Cortland and Ithaca College. It's one of


by Haily Mae Dunn, , November 5, 2010

Two summers ago was one of the hardest, yet best summers of my life. In the winter of 2007, I was in a car accident and broke my back, so I was still considered to be recovering; my grandma

Masturbation: Staple of American Society

by Corey Hutchinson,, October 1, 2010

Please prepare yourself for an article riddled with filth, albeit world-class, extremely well-written filth. This is important stuff, people. Masturbation can be an amazing thing. It can serve as the perfect stall for adolescent boys who just aren't prepared

Music is a Bridge

by Eric Feuer, SUNY Cortland, May 20, 2010

People disagree on a lot of things, especially which genre of music is the best. But everyone agrees that music is a wonderful thing, after all have you ever met anyone that doesn't like music? That's because music has


by Beth Newman,, May 20, 2010

There are some authors and books that people will always want to read because the media builds them up as great. For a long time I've wanted to read something, anything, by Kurt Vonnegut. It might have started when

Some thoughts on Brothers and Keepers by John Edgar Wideman

by Milan Rowson, , May 10, 2010

Brothers and Keepers is not my favorite book but I enjoyed it the most out of all the books we have read in this class. My favorite quotation in the book is on page 114 when Robby says, "Didn't know

Poem for Haiti

by Beth Newman,, March 8, 2010

Haiti got wrecked by a large earthquake. The worlds nations have shared in its heartbreak. We have a responsibility to help them heal and rebuild The homes and the scars of those who were killed. So help us help

Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture

by Beth Newman,, October 30, 2009

This summer, while sitting in the living room of my friend's house (this was probably the 20th night in a row we ended up in this room at night), my friend's mom brought us her old photo albums from

The World Series

by Brian Lupo,, October 28, 2009

I was home last weekend spending some time with my family during Game 2 of the American League Championship Series. My dad and I are both Met fans so it's safe to say that we do get some pleasure out