SUNY Cortland Alumni 2011 - New Media Design

Photographer Brian Roach’s intricate and haunting HDR pieces capture the surprisingly beautiful but decaying urban landscape. Each piece is created from multiple exposures, which adds to the surreal quality of this hidden world. From a broken chair to a toy left behind, the people that moved in these once grand spaces are still a mystery.



by Haily Mae Dunn,

When I was in my second year of college, I had the pleasure of meeting a person who has since become an inspiration to me. When I first met him, we did not necessarily see eye-to-eye and argued in our chemistry lab over who was smarter and who could get the job done right. After a semester of testing my limits, Josh Waggoner became a close friend of mine. We would hang out in between classes and at each others' houses, snowmobiling and making fun of each other. After I graduated from community college in the spring, we parted...

Speak Out

Look, Ma! No Phone!

by Molly Schlinger,

One week. No cell phone. Seven days. No texting. 168 hours. No brick breaker. How did I do it? I'm not quite sure. Did my social life diminish? Did my friends all disappear? Did the world suddenly implode? No. In fact not a single one of those even remotely happened throughout my week. However, there are apparently many people who do believe this would happen if they were to go without their phones for a week. According to TreeHugger, in a study conducted by CTIA (an international association for worldwide telecommunication) and Harris Interactive, it was found that amongst 2,089...


Feuer and Sons, Paper Contractors

by Eric Feuer, SUNY Cortland

"What now?" I ask. I was staring at a hole in the ground. The biggest hole I had ever seen, because it was all that remained of the five bedroom house. The fireplace, kitchen, three car garage and marble patio were gone. All memories of the house, physical and...


National Get-Over-Your-Ex-Day (is any day)

by Korrie Olszewski,

Valentine's Day can be a miserable occasion for many people. All the talk of being in love can cause memories of past relationships to resurface, bringing negative and regretful feelings along with it. This Valentine's day (or any Valentine's Day for that matter), wouldn't it be great to let...

College Life

Bullmoose Brotherhood

by Eric Feuer, SUNY Cortland

WARNING: The following is true: the people, places and events. The names have been changed and some of the facts might have been distorted, after all alcohol was involved. But overall it's the truth as I witnessed it. There was a knock at the door. I rolled over in...

News and Politics

Counting Coup

by Jon A. Griep,

In my family men served their country as soldiers. The only exception was if you failed the physical. My dad failed because he had polio in his legs and it ate at his heart. He never forgave himself and it was his only obsession. My brother, Lacey was the oldest...

Travel and Adventure

Raquette Lake

by Haily Mae Dunn,

About a month and a half ago, I had the opportunity to go to SUNY Cortland's Raquette Lake Outdoor Educational Facility located in the Adirondack Mountains. We went for three days as a Block One class. Two blocks went together, so there were about 50 of us on the...

Artist Submissions

A Mystery So Deep (101 Words)

by Jess Lincourt,

A mystery so deep One I'll never unravel The further I travel The more I become tangled Pushing down the frustration As the answer becomes More unclear, Struggling, reaching, searching, The revelation, Right past my fingertips Unable to grasp the truth consistent change Has me back and forth Not knowing...